With nearly 20 years of experience, Akuruhi Group is one of the leading companies about importing and distributing Japanese foods, Japanese restaurant as well as training labors for working in Japan.

On 07/09/2017, Phan Thanh Tan- Chairman of Akuruhi Group ( also known as the founder of Sushi World Restaurant in 2009) was awarded The International Food Culture Award from Japanese Royals at The International House Of Japan. He is one of the earliest who brought Japanese food culture into Vietnam in 90s. This is the honorary award for Mr Phan Thanh Tan due to his tremendous dedication for spreading Japanese culture to Vietnamese locals.

These are from The Japanese Royals Award for Chairman Phan Thanh Tan:

“ We award The International Food Culture Award for Mr Phan Thanh Tan, Chairman of Akuruhi Group. Because of his tremendous dedication at Vietnam in 90s, distributing Japanese foods to supermarkets and restaurants in Vietnam, also creating the friendship and international relations between Japan and Vietnam”